Eng. Mazen Sinokrot
Chairman and CEO,

Please allow me to welcome you at Sinokrot Holding, the leading family owned business in Palestine with regards of investment size and number of employees. My late father and personal mentor, Tawfiq Sinokrot, launched our business from Jerusalem in 1982. He later passed on the tourch to my brothers and I, who in turn introduced a more diversified business plan…

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Our Companies

Capital Gate Company

بدأت شركة “كابيتل جيت” تقديم خدماتها الإستشارية الإدارية الإحترافية في العام 2009 من خلال فرعيها في فلسطين والأردن ونالت ثقة الشركات والهيئات المتعاملة معها، إذ إشتهرت الشركة ومنذ تأسيسها بجودة وشمولية الخدمات الإدارية والإستشارية التي تقدمها بكل سخاء للمتعاملين معها.

Sinokrot Global for Markets Development
Provides a variety of products offered through exclusive contracts with different international companies. Sinokrot Global for Markets Development is Sinokrot Holding company, a leading company in […]

Consumers Favorite Pickles Brand.

Palestine Gardens

Palestine’s Exporter of Prime Medjoul Dates.

Sinokrot Cold Chain for Ice Cream

Exclusive distributor of Unilever Ice Cream Brands.

Sinokrot for Markets Development – Jerusalem

A Leading FMCG distributor in Jerusalem and Israeli Areas.

Sinokrot Global for Markets Development2

A Leading FMCG distributor in Palestine.

Sinokrot Global for Markets Development

A Leading FMCG distributor in Palestine.


High Quality IT and Turnkey Solutions.

Al-Quds Holding

Developing the Economy of Jerusalem.

Export Markets

Shipping to more than 20 countries worldwide, our companies are recognized as leaders in exports to foreign markets. Sinokrot Holding subsidiaries hold awards such as ‘Best Palestinian Exporting Company in Agriculture and Agro-Industries Sector”. Sinokrot Holding modern storage facilities are distributed to be close to airport, harbors, and King Hussain Bridge access points to help us rapidly deliver goods to their final export destinations efficiently (up to 1 business day).

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