Chairman’s Message

Please allow me to start by first welcoming you to Sinokrot Holding, a leading family-owned business in Palestine.

My late father and personal mentor, Tawfiq Sinokrot, launched our business from Jerusalem in 1982. He later passed on the torch to the family, which in turn introduced a more diversified business plan. Since that time, we have focused on major Palestinian sectors with the most potential for growth and comparative advantages. As a result, we can proudly say that in the past forty years we have grown from a nine-employee-business to a large group of companies with investments in diverse sectors, including Food and Agribusiness, Agriculture, Tourism and Hospitality, Trade and Consumable products, and Information Technology, thus creating thousands of job opportunities nationwide.

Sinokrot Holding today is taking the lead with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern machinery and technologies. Our products and services are accredited by international and local standards, and our investments have earned trust and credibility from customers, suppliers, and partners. Together these advantages have made the group a widely recognized business name and have placed us at the forefront of all major business sectors in Palestine and abroad.

As a former Minister of Economy, and the Chairman and Founder of many major private sector businesses working in different fields in Palestine, I firmly believe in the public-private partnership. This type of partnership provides an environment that is capable of fostering business growth and development. Sinokrot Holding stands at the center of this relationship as a vital contributor not only to the Palestinian economy but also to building a more sustainable and viable Palestinian state and future.

Further, to keep up with the rapid global development, Sinokrot Holding today is undergoing a process of rebranding in line with its mission to remain authentic, relevant, and strong. The new brand image is driven by our passion to maintain a unique and professional investment group, capable of competing in the local and global markets. We continue to strive to provide exceptional career opportunities to Palestinian youth and to ensure Corporate Social Responsibility towards Palestine in general and Jerusalem, our launch base, in specific. Education, health, youth, entrepreneurship, and sports remain major focus areas in-need of our utmost support and cooperation.

At Sinokrot Holding we believe that building a better Palestinian community, improving our economy, and growing globally are ambitious objectives that we aspire to work hard for and achieve. We will continue to live by our strategies to ensure that our story does not remain confined within the boundaries of our beloved country but continues to grow until we have reached every corner of the globe.

Accept my warmest regards,

Mazen Sinokrot
Sinokrot Holding Chairman & CEO