Creating Value for the Society and Meeting Our Commitment

We are proud to support community organizations working in the fields of nutrition, education, youth, care, and sports. We also support the development of a national Palestinian economic identity through our imports and exports from/to over 30 countries in regional and international markets.

Sinokrot Holding’s Code of Ethics and Social Accountability Brought a Socio-Economic Impact to Palestine.

Education and Youth

Sinokrot Holding provides university students in the West Bank and Gaza Strip several scholarships to continue their higher education studies. For example, we provide 15-20 scholarships a year for students at Al- Quds University. Additionally, 5% of profit from our fortified wafer “Kanz” is donated to the Ministry of Education to help build cafeterias in schools around the country. We also sponsor different educational events such as the 2015 graduation ceremony for the School of Medicine at Al-Quds University, as well as sponsoring university and school Shopping Festivals. Sinokrot Holding also hosts school and summer camp visits all year round, and presents its young visitors with generous gifts from our food factories. Finally, Sinokrot Holding, in partnership with PEFE, has supported several social initiatives for youth and children. Some of our activities with PEFE include: a Ramadan Iftar for children, presenting educational gifts to young students, visits to the children’s hospital, and supporting an initiative to promote volunteerism among youth in Palestine.

Nutrition and Wellness

Sinokrot Holding launched a program for a time period of six years to help reduce malnutrition among Palestinian children under the age of 6 years. In a 2013 study, the World Health Organization (WHO) found that over 80% of children in Gaza suffered anemia. As a result, Sinokrot Holding laboratories, in cooperation with international nutritionists lead by the international expert Omar Dari, conducted experiments on a fortified wafer named Kanz. Kanz Wafer is fortified with minerals and vitamins essential for the growth of children at different stages in their life. We started with 2,000 children, and by the end of the project, we were able to reach over 20,000 children. The Palestinian Ministry of Health supervised the project, along with Dr. Muna Abu Ramadan who implemented the project in the Gaza Strip. Several organizations such as ANERA, W.F.P, Islamic Development Bank, and the Ministry of Education helped Sinokrot Holding distribute the wafer among Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza. The project proved to be a success after tests showed that there was an increase in hemoglobin levels, from 9 before the project, to a level as high as 14 in some cases after the completion of the project. Sinokrot Holding is still supplying organizations working with children such as Ard Al Insan in Gaza with the fortified wafer. We are also still receiving offers to export our fortified wafer. Today we have three different products fortified in vitamins and minerals under the names: Kanz Wafer, Zad Wafer and Vitababy Biscuits for toddlers.


Sinokrot Holding donates 5% of revenue from its fortified Kinz Wafer to the Children’s Cancer Association. We also hold campaigns to distribute gifts to patients in hospitals to help draw a smile on their faces.


Sinokrot Holding encourages sports in Palestine by sponsoring many local sports club events such as: Silwan Football Club, Al-Quds Athletic Club, Jericho Horse Back-riding Club, Al- Hilal Club in Jerusalem and many others.